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The TLScontact application procedure, established in conjunction with the Consulate General of France in Guangzhou, aims to provide the best visa application service. Our aim is to help you prepare your visa application and assist the Embassy of France in Beijing in processing applications in a timely manner.



Update:  Validate your VLS-TS long stay visa


For visa application from non-residents in the following situations (non-applicable for minors):

  1. Non-residents in China
  2. Resident abroad during the past 6 months
  3. Holder of a valid resident permit issued by a foreign country
  4. Holder of a valid long stay visa issued by a foreign mission

Please be informed that non-residents can only be accepted if applicants provide to the Consulate general of France in Canton supporting evidence for not being able to lodge the application in their country of residence due to urgent and unforeseen reasons. During the submission of visa application in TLScontact (Canton/Shenzhen/Fuzhou centres), an approval by local Consulate in form of email should be submitted, along with the visa application. If not, the application from non-residents will not be accepted.

Please plan your visa application as far in advance as possible and please note that you can only submit a visa application 90 days before your scheduled date of arrival in the Schengen area.

Starting from October 12th 2015, all applicants above 12 years old (including 12 years old) must come in person at the Visa Application Center, or if applicable, at the Consulate, in order to have their biometric data captured (fingerprints and digital photography). Please check more details at FAQ.

Applicants (≥12 years old when submitting the visa applications) have to go through the biometric data capture step for any new long stay visa application or visiting the DROM-CTOM, even if they already submitted their fingerprints for a previous visa application.

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