Travel health insurance

1. Description of Schengen travel health insurance

Due to a regulation of the European Union (Decision 2004/17/CE of December 22nd 2003), there is a requirement to hold a travel health insurance, which is a compulsory document.

The travel health insurance should be:

  • Valid for whole Schengen area if you apply for short stay visa
  • Valid for France if it is required in the document list and you apply for a long stay visa
  • Valid for DROM/CTOM according to your itinerary
  • Valid with a minimum cover of € 30,000 in order to face any expenses that may arise in connection with your repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention or emergency hospital treatment. The travel health insurance should fully cover the period of your stay in the whole Schengen Area.


2. Where to purchase a travel health insurance

You may go to an authorized insurance company to purchase a Schengen travel health insurance meeting the requirements for Schengen visa.

In order to facilitate the choice of compliant Schengen travel insurances, self-service insurance platforms managed by a third-party service provider are available as an optional service at the following locations.

Beijing consular area:

北京 Beijing

济南 Jinan

西安 Xi’an


Shanghai consular area:

上海 Shanghai

杭州 Hangzhou

南京 Nanjing 

Guangzhou consular area :

广州 Guangzhou

深圳 Shenzhen

福州 Fuzhou

Chengdu consular area:

成都 Chengdu

重庆 Chongqing

昆明 Kunming

Wuhan consular area:

武汉 Wuhan

长沙 Changsha


Shenyang consular area:

沈阳 Shenyang



Please note that this optional service is provided by third party service provider. For further inquiry, please contact the service hotline indicated on the dedicated website.