【Important Notice】

Dear applicants, 
Please be advised that due to the current processing capacity at French Embassy in Beijing, TLScontact Visa Application Centre is experiencing a delay in the appointment slot availability. The Visa Application Center cannot guarantee that the appointment times currently available will meet your timeline prior to the expected departure date. We highly recommend that you book an online appointment well in advance and as soon as you complete your online registration. 

Additionally, the average processing time of all visa applications has also been impacted by the limited capacity and currently ranges between 5 and 10 working days following the application transfer to the diplomatic mission. 

We also recommend you to make an appointment and submit your visa application well in advance to avoid any impact on your travel plans.  

Family, friend or private (less than 90 days) (includes renewal of circulation visa)

Visitor (more than 90 days) You wish to go to France for a private purpose for more than 90 days

Tourism (less than 90 days) (includes renewal of circulation visa) If your travel purpose combines family/ friend/private visits and tourism, please choose the visa category “Family, friend or private (less than 90 days)”.