Application Process

Step 1: Check visa type and document list

Please make sure that the visa type and country you have chosen correspond to your main destination and main travel purpose, you have well prepared all the required documents according to the document list of the correct visa type you are applying for.  

Click on Visa Types and Documents  to choose a suitable visa category.
For information on general requirements, please click on FAQ .

Step 2: Register on TLScontact website and book an appointment

*  Please take a few seconds and provide your email address to create an application account.

*  If you have already an account, please click on login to continue online registration and book an appointment.

*  Book an appointment to submit your application at the Visa Application Centre. If you want to check appointment availability please visit page Service Standard.

Step 3: Submit your application at TLScontact Visa Application Centre

*   Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment with the appointment confirmation letter.

*   Your application and supporting documents will be checked for completeness and transferred to the consular authority upon your approval.

*   Pay application fees .

*   Enrol your biometric data.

For more information on Biometric enrolment procedure and Exemption of biometric enrolment, please click on FAQ.

Important Notice: In case of any lateness or no show, you will be required to make a new appointment, which could result in delaying your application.

Step 4: Visa Processing

The consular authority may ask for more information, additional documents or attendance to an interview. If this happens, you may be contacted by phone and via email with detailed instructions. Please make sure that you are reachable on the phone number you indicate on application form during visa processing period.

Your application will be considered by the consular authority. The envelope has been sealed by the consular authority, which reserves the right to justify or not the result of its decision. French Visa Application Centre is not made aware of the result of visa applications.For more information, please visit page Service Standard.

Step 5: Collect your passport

Once your passport is returned to TLScontact Visa Application Centre from the consular authority, you will be notified by Email and SMS. You can then collect your passport in TLScontact Visa Application Centre.

For more information about how to collect your passport, please click here.

If you have chosen Express Delivery Service, your passport will be sent to you directly by EMS to the address you have provided upon the submission of visa application.